Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We always design our policies and business practices to reflect the highest standards of corporate governance, transparency and ethics. We support all aspects of the corporate social responsibility agenda. But we focus on one area particularly relevant to our core business. Our target is to utilize the skills and opportunities we have to help minimize the significant impacts that real estate has on the environment. In all our project activities, there is a conscious effort to be recognized as a leading real estate company of Bangladesh known for its efforts in environmental sustainability and conservation of greenery.



Promoting a sustainable green environment for the country with eco friendly activities is at the core of Sanmar's CSR activities. The effort is equally complimented by a conscious attempt by the company to have eco friendly constructions with plenty of greenery and landscaping. For promoting a sustainable eco friendly environment, Sanmar has undertaken plantation activities at its Rubber Gardens at Ramu - Cox's Bazar and green plantation at its Jungle Bhatiary Land at Chittagong. (Pls include photos of our rubber plantation at Ramu at Green plantation at Bhatiary). To support the environment, Sanmar has so far undertaken plantation activities by planting more than 500,000 trees at these two plantation sites. These locally sourced tree crops include Ekashi, Papaya, Rubber and Palm species, and are carefully nurtured for optimum growth.

One of our priorities at Sanmar is to build buildings that have a minimal environmental footprint. We endeavor to employ the newest technologies that are available in the market so that we may contribute, in whatever possible way, to reverse the process of unstable climate, which is being recorded on the global scale presently.

We are already employing a few technologies in some of our buildings, namely:

  • Water Harvesting and Gray water Recycling
  • Double-glazed, Thermally insulated, tinted glass for Window panes and Piped Gas
  • Solar Energy generation by the use of Photo-Voltaic cells
  • Use of Non-toxic bio-degradable materials
  • Use of CFL light fittings rather than Bulb-based fittings.



Awareness Building Campaign

Sanmar operates an awareness building campaign regarding conserving water, electricity and gas. The media vehicle for this campaign is corporate billboards in and around Chittagong. (Pls give pictures of such Bill Boards). Beside this we are committed to preserve the verdant greenery and environmental topography of Chittagong which is unique in nature.

Our aim is to revive Greenfield sites by creating developments that:

  • Protect and enhance the natural environment
  • Make efficient use of natural resources
  • Enhance the quality of life for local residents and the community.


Publication to foster sharing of industrial information

CSR activities of Sanmar have recently been extended to publication of a monthly newspaper "KARIKA". The publication is aimed at promoting the awareness for preserving our architectural heritage, encouraging persons and institutions to be conscious about conservation of our greenery and environment, highlighting achievements in environment protection campaigns and propagation of thoughts and ideas of the stalwarts in our construction and real estate sector.

Children's Centre

To improve the quality of lives for others who are less fortunate, Sanmar has created a shelter that accommodates more than 300 underprivileged children, single parents and families in need. This facility provides a safe, healthy environment for disadvantaged people whereby they receive access to medical care, food and educational resources.


Creating sustainable communities

We create high quality, well-designed, comfortable homes with low environmental impact. By 2020, through post occupancy monitoring, we will have developed a stronger understanding of how our homes perform in terms of electricity, gas/heat and water consumption. The use of technology to control the indoor living environment will enable our customers to operate their homes more efficiently. We will roll this out within all our developments so it becomes part of our design specification.

A commitment to the future

As always we will closely keep monitoring the environmental, social and economic impacts of our business while delivering strong financial performance. We are committed to develop a better understanding of the most resource efficient construction techniques and construction site plan. We will facilitate this across the business to help reduce the impact of our construction sites. We will focus on resource efficient working practices, including the use of technology to reduce the need to travel and also usage of paper. Health and Safety will continue to be one of the highest priority and we will implement new and improved initiatives to increase the safety of our construction sites and workplaces.