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Agreement between PHP & Sanmar

An architectural and design related agreement was signed between PHP family and construction organization Sanmar Interior & Architecture Limited with a aim to build PHP corporate house as an ultramodern facility. PHP director Mr. Akter Parvej, Sanmar COO Mr. Somnath Sarker were present at the signing ceremony along with other officials of the two organizations.

Sanmar Partner and Patron Night 2015

Sanmar Partner and Patron Night 2015 was held on 20 December 2015 at Sanmar Green Park project location. At this event partners and patrons of Sanmar from different sectors were present along with the Chairman & CEO and high officials of the organization.

Sanmar Mohanagar Greenpark

Sanmar Mohanagar Greenpark beside Asian University for Women, Chittagong

Sanmar Meida Kits

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Sanmar Mohanagar Greenpark

Sanmar Corporate

Sanmar Interior

The Nest

The nest is a stop motion short film made with miniature models and set. It is the first experiment of its kind done in Bangladesh.

MOU Signing with FAS Finance

Sanmar has recently signed a MOU with FAS Finance to make home loan facility more available for its valued clients.

Sanmar Corporate Party 2012

Every year at Sanmar parties are staged to ensure all staff have opportunity to celebrate their professional achievements together. As to build more effective working relationships, staff members are encouraged to provide entertainment at these events through recitals or speeches. This is achieved by team work or alone.

Trade Fairs 2012

Sanmar attended trade fairs both nationally and internationally during 2012. These popular events helped showcase our company to a wider audience. More trade fair activity is planned for the future as it�s a great way to promote our services and products.

MOU Signing with BRAC bank

Sanmar also hosts corporate events with financial clients such as BRAC bank (as seen within these recent photos) to further promote partnership deals and maintain good business relationships. This typically occurs in the form of a cheque signing ceremony and is attended by many company executives.